Sunday, October 19, 2014

My New Favorite Soup!

Like many people who love cooking (or, more truthfully, like many people who enjoy looking at food and imagining cooking it), I have a large folder of saved recipes on my computer. Currently, that folder has...only 322 recipes on it, just waiting to be cooked. I may have a slight blog-reading/recipe-hoarding problem--I'm planning an upcoming post with food blog recommendations, since I might as well use my blog hoard for the greater good. Within my recipes folder, there is a subfolder entitled "Tried", with all the recipes I've actually cooked. This illustrious folder contains a grand total of 17 recipes, most of which have become staples at our house. There's kale with fried eggs, and my absolute favorite potato salad, both recipes which can reach once-a-week proportions depending on my current level of obsession. There's the summeriest iced tea that I can make straight from my garden, and two breakfasts that I could eat nonstop. There's even recipes for when you need a quick dessert or an easy drink.

Last week, I moved another recipe over to my "tried" folder: this Immunity Soup from the lovely 101 Cookbooks. I was beyond excited to make the recipe, and it turned out even better than I had imagined it would be. There's really nothing like a garlicky, gingery, mushroom-infused broth to cure anything that has ever ailed you. We didn't have any tofu to add, but hey--more room for mushrooms! Our version also included some delicious greens--we used radish and turnip greens, since we got such good-looking ones at the farmer's market this past week. In the end, even though it was a quick-simmering soup, the carrots had deposited so much of their carrot-y essence into the broth that they were almost translucent, and the mushrooms were still fairly firm but had created kind of a mushroom stock in the pot. I've been eating this soup as often as I can, and I'm sure it'll be a mainstay all throughout the winter.

I wish you all happy recipe-hunting! No sooner had that recipe been moved to my "tried" folder that another 4 were added to the list. :-)