Friday, September 9, 2016

Aloo Baingan

Indian food is my favorite food. I've been known to stake out all the good Indian places within a 25-mile radius of wherever I am living, and when we lived in Missouri I was a loyal patron of our local Indian restaurant at least once a week on my lunch break. For awhile, here in rural Maryland, we went to the only Indian place in town, which was a Mexican restaurant run by an Indian man who cooked a not-well-publicized-and-thus-semi-secret Indian menu as well. The place had its ups and downs--first they took items off the Indian menu, then they took away the Indian menu altogether, then people complained so they put it back on, then they started taking items off again, until finally...

The entire restaurant closed, and just didn't reopen again. No Indian food in our entire county!

Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, which is how I ended up cooking this Aloo Baingan recipe tonight. It was so delicious that I knew I just had to return to the food blog to share it. As is the case with all recipes I cook from food blogs, I prefer to link to the original blog itself rather than reprint the recipe. So go give this blog some traffic, and enjoy some delicious Indian food!