Sunday, March 7, 2010


Want to know what FBTS has been up to while my camera was down? Take a look:

We made dumplings!

Noah was gone for about 2 weeks this winter to visit Israel and Turkey, so I was by myself. During the last week I made myself these delicious marinated veggie sandwiches!

Uhh...making broccoli! (And taking badly-lit photos of it!)

Making brownies! (Taking pictures while the batter is being mixed is the prettiest part.)

Making...something with meat! (Probably chili...)

Also making lots of hummus, baking large quantities of homemade bread, experimenting with homemade bagels, becoming addicted to some Vietnamese restaurants, and being happy.

Currently half of us (the Florence half) have given up meat for Lent, so we make a lot of stir-frys around here. And sometimes we compromise by making meat sauce and vegetarian sauce, and then something like rice or pasta to put it on. Lent is going pretty well; unlike last year (when I craved every meat item in sight) I'm really only craving bacon. It helps that I eat mostly vegetarian anyway, so I don't miss much when I go vegetarian. Except barbecue, but Noah and I have a system in place: if Noah goes for barbecue when it's Lent, I get to share in the joy by having him bring me back a side (because there are lots of sides that don't include meat).

Also, half of us (the Florence half, again) got accepted to grad school, so FBTS will be an East Coast blog in a couple months!

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