Tuesday, January 13, 2009

comfort food?

As a follow-up to the peanut butter post...

I was having a conversation about comfort food with my co-writer of this blog as we were having lunch yesterday. The reason we were discussing this is because we were having what I consider to be a particularly good comfort-food meal: a PB&J with peanut butter we made ourselves and blackberry jam we bought from a farmer's market, with homemade sweet-potato fries on the side. (Delicious photos are on the way!) I was commenting on how I once had a discussion about comfort food with my friend Paul, who tends to go the ice-cream route when he's feeling down. While I have certainly been known to curl up with a carton of ice cream when stressed (my most recent acquisition last semester was Ben & Jerry's Fossil Fuel--the little dinosaurs were so cute I couldn't resist!), I prefer hot foods for comfort. Thick vegetable soups, french fries, grilled cheese with pesto (that I came up with when I was trying to use up a giant jar of pesto I got for cheap at a community market) and pasta pasta pasta (in fact, I have a nice bowl of pasta leftovers keeping me company as I write this entry...) are definitely the way to go in my book. I also tend to gravitate even more towards vegetables when I'm in need of comfort...but then again, I'm a big fan of vegetables.

Do you have any particular comfort food preferences? Leave 'em in the comments--I might just get inspired!

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Jai said...

Reality's primary comfort food is baked goods - right now there's a platter of chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies sitting in the kitchen. Raspberry jam muffins, cream cheese brownies, and pumpkin muffins are also popular in the rotation.